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Cadaver workshops

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To improve the understanding of sonoanatomy, US scanning, and US-guided injection techniques,
participants will participate in two different types of cadaver workshops: A hands-on cadaver US-guided
intervention workshop and a cadaver dissection workshops will be conducted on one days.

  • US intervention cadaver workshop
    Cervical spinal pain intervention
    • cervical medial branch block and facet joint injection
    • cervical periradicular injection
    • third occipital nerve block
    • greater occipital nerve block
    • cervical plexus block
    • cervical sympathetic block
    Upper extremity block & pain intervention
    • interscalene brachial plexus block
    • suprascapular nerve block
    • axillary nerve block
    • subacromial-subdeltoid injection
    • anterior and posterior approach of GHJ intraarticular injection
    • radial nerve block at elbow
    • cubital tunnel syndrome injection
    • carpal tunnel syndrome injection
    • tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow injection
    • elbow joint injection
    • wrist joint injection and TFCC injection
    Trunk and abdomen block & pain intervention
    • intercostal nerve block
    • thoracic paravertebral block
    • dorsal scapular nerve block
    • hydrodissection therapy of fascial layer
    • transversus abdominis plane block
    Back pain intervention
    • quadratus lumborum injection
    • lumbar medial branch block and facet joint injection
    • iliolumbar ligament injection
    • lumbar paravertebral block
    • lumbar periradicular injection
    Gluteal and pelvic block & pain intervention
    • subgluteus maximus bursal injection
    • sciatic nerve block
    • pudendal nerve block
    • piriformis and deep hip external rotator muscle injection
    Anterior and posterior thigh block & pain intervention
    • femoral nerve block
    • lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block
    • obturator nerve block
    • hip joint injection
    knee and lower leg block & pain intervention
    • knee intraarticular injection
    • knee ligament injection
    • peroneal nerve block
    • popliteal sciatic nerve block
    • talar and subtalar joint injection
    • plantar fascial injection
  • Cadaver dissection workshop
    Cadaver supine position: anterior neck and upper extremity
    • Neck muscles: sternocleidomastoideus, trapezius, strap muscle, omohyoideus muscle, scalene muscles, longus colli, and capitis muscle
    • Nerves in neck : cervical plexus, sympathetic plexus and ganglion, brachial plexus and branches including suprascapular nerve
    • Upper extremity muscles: deltoid muscle, pectoralis muscle, rotator cuff,coracobrachialis, biceps, brachialis, common extensor tendon, extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon, common flexor tendon, and hand flexor tendons
    • Nerves in upper extremities: axillary brachial plexus, subscapular nerve, axillary nerve, radial nerve, median nerve, and ulnar nerve
    • others: elbow joint, Carpal tunnel, A1 pulley, triangular fibrocartilage complex
    Cadaver Prone position: posterior neck, upper extremity and back
    • Neck muscles: trapezius, splenius capitis, semispinalis cervicis, levator scapular muscle, rhoboideus, paraspinal muscle, supraspinatous muscle, infraspinatous muscle, and lattissmus dorsi
    • Nerves in posterior neck: third occipital nerve, cervical median branch, greater occipital nerve, dorsal scapular nerve, and thoracic medial branch
    • Upper extremity muscles: triceps, posterior deltoid, and 6 extensor compartment of wrist
    • Nerves in upper extremities: axillary nerve, suprascapular nerve, radial nerve, deep radial nerve
    Cadaver prone position: back, gluteal, posterior lower extremity
    • Back muscles: latissimus dorsi, erector spinae muscle, and quadratus lumborum
    • Gluteal muscle: gluteus maximus, tensor fascia lata, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, oturator internus, gemulli, obturator externus, quaratus femoris, sacrotuberous ligament, and sacrospinous ligament
    • Posterior thigh muscle: hamstring muscle,gastrocnenimus, soleus, achilles tendon, and plantar fascia
    • Nerves: sciatic nerve, pudenal nerve, common peroneal nerve, tibial nerve, and sural nerve
    • Knee joint: posterior cruciate ligament, semimembraneous tendon insertion, and biceps tendon insertion
    Cadaver Supine position: inguinal, anterior lower extremity
    • Muscle: inguinal ligament, ilioposoas muscle, tensor fascia lata, sartorius, quadratus femoris, adductor muscle, patellar tendon, iliotibial band, tibia anterior compartment muscles, tibialis anterior tendon, and extensor digitorum tendon
    • Nerves: lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, femoral nerve, obturator nerve, saphenous nerve, peroneal nerve, deep peroneal, and superficial peroneal nerve
    • Knee: anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament, medial meniscus, lateral meniscus, patellar tendon, medial, and lateral retinaculum
    • Ankle: Anterior distal tibiofibular ligament, anterior talofibular ligament, lateral calcaneofibular ligament, peroneal tendons, ankle joint, interdigital nerve, ankle retinaculum, tibialis anterior, and extensor digitorum tendon