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Course Objectives
Interventional Analgesia : What lies behind a name?
Neuroanatomy of pain pathways
Pathophysiology of nociception
Neuropathic pain pathophysiology and advancements in management
Evaluation of chronic pain patients
Pain measurement techniques and methods
Pain and genes
Placebo effect
Neuroanatomy related to interventional analgesia techniques
Ethics and interventional analgesia
Interventional analgesia and palliative care
Iatrogenic substance abuse and chronic pain syndromes
Interventional analgesia for post operative analgesia
Interventional pain procedures in ambulatory settings
Home care for peripheral nerve catheters
interventional analgesia for cancer pain
Pain and movement; movement and pain
Rehabilitation for chronic pain linked to discovertebral pain
Rehabilitation for chronic pain linked to MSK disorders
Interventional analgesia and chronic pain syndromes in children and teenagers
Spine MRI how to read one
Spine x-ray
US findings in MSK pathologies
TECHNIQUES (Mechanisms of action, Indications, Performance, Contraindications, Complications, Follow up)
PRPf Injection : Principles and indications
Topical analgesia: lidocaïne plaster, and capsaicin patch
Botulinum Toxin for peripheral neuropathic pain
Ultrasonography Vs fluoroscopy for pain procedures
Blocks SS and catheters for CRPS1 syndromes
Sympathetic Blocks
Peripheral nerve stimulators
Steroids: joint injections and epidural
Neurolysis, Radiofrequency, IDET
Chronic pain and acupuncture : principles and indications
Innovations in opioid administration : nasal, buccal, oral PCA
Ozone therapy for pain
Advanced techniques
Spinal neuromodulation part 1
Spinal neuromodulation part 2
kyphoplasty, intrathecal medication therapy
spinal cord stimulation postoperative pain
Failed back pain syndrome and surgery
Neurosurgical techniques of interventional analgesia : Gamma-knife, cortical and spinal stimulation
Diagnosis and management (Signs, Clinical diagnosis, Imaging, Treatment strategy, Follow up)
Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (CRPS)
Phantom Pain
Interventional analgesia and Cancer pain
Myofascial syndromes 1: Pathophysiology & Multidisciplinary approach
Myofascial syndromes 2: Intervention Options
Trigger point Injection: Injection selection(Dry needling, steroids, LA, PRP, Toxin)
Post-herpetic neuralgia
Diabetic neuropathy
HIV pain
Head and neck (spine excluded)
Face pain ; trigeminal and orofacial pain
Post mastectomy pain
Chronic Chest Wall pain + Rib Disfunction
abdominal wall
Piriformis syndrome
Postpartum Pain
Pelvis Pain
Interventional techniques applied to spinal refractory pain
Dorsal medial branch nerve
Nerve root injection diagnosis and treatment
Cervical facet Diagnosis and treatment
Discogenic pain
SIJ Diagnosis and treatment
Lumbar facet syndrome: Diagnosis and treatment
Failed back surgery syndrom FBSS
Lower back pain. Decision tree
Peripheral Nerve blocks limb spasticity
Tendinitis & Bursitis
Entrapment syndrome
MSK Pathologies of the Upper limb
MSK pathologies of the lower limb